With over 15 years of experience in education and training, Word of Mouth Marketing can develop a comprehensive educational strategy for your company. We do this by providing customized instructor-led training hands on workshops to support the learning process.

Each workshop is a practical learning experience designed to meet your personal and corporate needs and to grow your business.

We use many methods to keep students actively involved in the education process. We combine reading, role playing demonstrations, interactive activities, video clips and various forms of hands on training experiences that engage the student to actively interact with and master the course content.

Instructor Led workshops: We offer instructor led workshops in the areas of Relationship Marketing, Self-Development and Advanced Selling Techniques

Relationship Marketing:


Advanced Selling Techniques:

Half Day Class- Linguistics and Communications Workshop -BEAP –

Learn how to;

Understanding the interplay between Behavior, Emotion, Agenda and Perceptions; Learn how you can benefit and use neural linguistics and improved communications skills in your everyday communications and how to circumvent predictable resistances, guide intelligent thought and stimulate smart decisions in others.

Intentional Guidance – Questioning Skills:


  • How agenda works in the human mind
  • What questions you should ask…
    • Do you know where the land mines are?
  • How to ask questions and why?
    • Are you using forethought to project the outcome?
  • The influences of Imposition:
    • Why you want to avoid it
  • Influences of Permission:
    • The benefits and why it works
  • Influences of Beliefs:
    • How to guide existing beliefs to look past prior experiences
  • Influence of Behaviors:
    • Understanding how emotion influences predictable behaviors

Full Day Seminar/Class – Linguistics and Communications Workshop

An interactive and hands on, in your face workshop. Get your hands dirty in real life experiences and master the path to success. In this 8 hour workshop you will entrench yourself in your worst nightmare client situations and learn how to avoid them before they happen. And in the cases when they do, recognize what influences are really in play and turn them around, spin them on their head and eliminate their influences.

Open Enrollment Classes:

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