Referral & Relationship Marketing

Relationship & Referral Marketing

Relationship Marketing: What it does!

Building personal collateral for the purpose of future business and referral opportunities

Referral Marketing: What it is!

A targeted approach to stimulating and capturing more referrals and future business opportunities from a broader audience.

Staying in Touch: Why you do it!

Creating a Customer “After the Sale Experience”

Between the flyers, junk mail, newsletters, bombardment of emails and annoying phone solicitations, how does one stay above all the clutter? While these methods have a purpose, is the serving the purpose you have hoped for?

A key missing component of these type of communication is interaction on a personal and welcoming level. The ability to engage with a client as a person… and be welcomed… as opposed to just letting your material speak for itself.

Creating a referral marketing program is all about how you have made your clients feel before and during the transaction and well after it’s over and done with.

The Challenge:

Balancing Time…. Isn’t it time you learned how to manage both… and achieved amazing results. Stop doing what you have always done… and gain a new perspective on what is possible!

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