Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) Selling

Neural Linguistic Programming

(NLP) Neural Linguistic Programming…. What is it? (NLP) Neural Linguistic Programming is the method the human brain uses to understand and comprehend what it hears and sees. Based on pure observation (NLP) Neural Linguistic Programming discloses the influences of unspoken communications.

From the time you are born and begin to experience the world, patterns are formed. These patterns are strengthened with repeat experiences and define how we interact with life’s experiences.

Think of these patterns as habits. Once a habit is patterned, your subconscious has the ability to drive your behaviors and your mouth without the benefit of your conscious mind. The metaphor you may be familiar with is “opening your mouth and inserting your foot.”

In his workshop you will learn how to use (NLP) Neural Linguistic Programming to see these invisible barriers to entry, bypass negative influences and close more business that ever before.

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