Mastering Questioning Skills

Mastering Questioning Skills

What might surprise you is how even the most well intentioned question unknowingly sabotages your efforts. Have you noticed how asking a seemingly harmless or inquisitive question sometimes invokes resistance and defenses in others? Did you know that it has very little to do with what was said and mostly to do with how it was said? Learn how to use questioning skills with mastery.

Were you aware that instead of asking a question that generates a predictable undesired outcome, that you can chose different words to re-frame those questions in a way that engage others?

All communication is about how information filters through our brains… our prior experiences, stories we have been told and experiences others have shared with us. All of these life experiences create our belief systems. In addition, every belief we have has attached emotions and behaviors associated with them, which in turn have effects on the outcomes that follow.

When asking questions of others, one must recognize that there are 2 ways to ask a question. One that invokes a response or a reaction, each with its own set of associated emotions and behaviors. The human brain has many filters which it uses to interpret and make sense of the world around you, and tonality and inflection make up more than 60% of what and how someone hears.

LEARN how to;

  • Recognize and remove the influences of resistance
  • Avoid stimulating unwanted defenses
  • Master the art of asking questions
  • Ask a question to get the engagement and favorable behaviors you desire, instead of the reactions and defenses you get.

Learn more about what’s possible, and begin to use your mouth “as your greatest asset” and not as “your worst enemy.”

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