Lunch and Learn Workshops

Lunch and Learn Workshops – Invite Us to Speak

Word of Mouth Marketing believes in giving back though our Invite Us to Speak Lunch and Learn Programs. These FREE workshops are ideal for local sales teams, corporate teams, networking, business and group organizations

Lunch and Learn programs consist of an informative 30 – 45 minute sessions on any of the following Interactive Workshop topics…

Pick a topic… You will Learn how to create and implement your own:

  • Loyalty and Retention marketing programs
  • Referral and Relationship marketing programs
  • Focus workshops in Business Networking; Tools & Skills
  • Focus workshops in Basic and Advanced Networking Skills
  • There’s an App for That – An Introduction to Neural Linguistics Programming, (NLP) – Learn about the human mind runs a series of apps… and how you can benefit and use Neural Linguistics to improved communications skills in your everyday experiences.

Call for more information and to schedule your FREE workshop: (720) 319-1969

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