BEAP Linguistics & Communications

BEAPtm Linguistics and Communications


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What you will learn…

  • Referrals:               Generate warm connections using personal introductions
  • BEAPtm Training:  A Behavioral, Emotional, Agenda and Permission Based Selling & Communications Educational Workshop
  • The Elements:       Perception / Projection Analysis
  • Linguistics & Word Choices:     What your words say and do to others. Understanding what’s missing and how it affects YOU! Create better outcomes, sell more effectively with less effort, and create more win-win scenarios… with BEAPtm! Because it’s not what you say… but how you say it… what others hear… how they interpret it… and the impressions and outcomes that follow!
  • Layers of Resistance:

You will also learn the hidden secrets “ the difference” in what makes the top 1% in your field the top 1%… and it’s not what you think it is… and how paying attention and adjusting to little, unnoticed, almost undetectable things makes all the difference in the outcome of your communications.

The difference between what you know, and what the top 1% in your field already knows…

  • How to utilize these 4 communications elements to increase your success!
  • How to identify and use words with emotional balance, creating better, more positive outcomes, MORE OFTEN!
  • How to ask Questions that engage!

The program provides a clear understanding of how your words influence OTHERS and the impact your words have on YOU… and what to do about it.

From beliefs and agendas to emotions and behaviors you will learn how to recognize when your communications are not serving your best interests, and how to adapt and adjust your words to serve your best interests and the best interests of those around you.

Provided you are seeking to dramatically improve your

  • Selling
  • Negotiations
  • Communications Skills

… and create more satisfying outcomes, as well as instantly understand many of the ways you are getting in your own way, this 1 Day workshop is for you.

BECOME the TOP 1% in your field!

The BEAP® workshop is ideally suited for…

  • Sales Professionals / Teams
  • Business Owners / Entrepreneurs
  • Contractors / Builders
  • Executives
  • Department Heads
  • Relationship Managers
  • Customer Support professionals
  • Call Center support

and anyone that has to interact with the human race!

From the seasoned professional… to the newcomer… you will walk away with valuable insight, several simple to adapt, real world skill sets, and a better way of thinking and interacting with others.

Instantly see the difference in your results. Whether speaking with clients, peers, management or underlings, authority figures, spouses or your children… increase positive results, create more successful outcomes, simplify everything around you… with BEAP®!

When you understand the impact of your words… you just might change them!

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…and get to the TOP… Practically Overnight!

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