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Founded in 2002, Word of Mouth Marketing has brought a proven and unique approach to customer retention, client appreciation, reward and referral marketing through Relationship marketing.

With over 50 years of combined relationship marketing expertise, Word of Mouth Marketing takes a proactive  approach to your referral generation and future business.

Gap analysis: First we evaluate what it is you would like to accomplish with your marketing efforts, review the programs you have in place and what their doing for you… Once we understand your specific needs, we will make recommendations based on your input , fill in any gaps where needed, and replace dis-functional programs with effective ones.

Once we identify an appropriate marketing solution for you, you can have Word of Mouth Marketing to implement the program or choose to impliment it in house.

Content Linguistics: Utilizing our expertise in neural linguistics and behavioral science allows us to fine tune your message in a way that engage others to participate without resistance.

Typical “word of mouth” referrals are naturally occurring. An individual has a good experience with a professional and retains them as a resource for others. Then a friend or associate asks for a recommendation about a given need and that responds accordingly. This form of word of mouth referrals relies on a passive, reactive process. The belief is that in order to refer you, someone has to ask them before they mention you…The challenge is… how do you get others to mention you when no one is asking?

Using proven and measurable methods, Word of Mouth Marketing programs create a paradigm shift of dramatic proportions in the way others think about you, talk to you and talk about you to others.

The Word of Mouth Marketing  “Client of Life ” and “Perpetual Referral Partners” are relationship marketing programs designed to provide you with a method to go far beyond the initial transaction, and  through a series of personal interactive touches to move clients behavior from being the “past customer” to become a perpetual referral engine and repeat customer.

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